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Fleck 9100

Fleck 9100 Twin tanks provide continuous soft water. With a twin-tank system featuring the new Fleck 9100 valve, customers benefit from soft water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s because the second tank of soft water acts as a backup, ready to immediately provide soft water once 100% of the first tank is used. While the second tank is in service, the first tank regenerates, giving you all the advantages of continuous soft water.

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Control Valve Assembly
Electro Mechanical
Timer assembly
Twin Tank
Timer assembly
Turbine Assembly
Power Head Assembly
Second Tank Assembly
Meter Module

FL13255 Mounting Clip, Stainless

Fleck FL13255 Mounting Clip, Stainless. Used on Fleck Valves, including the 5600, 9000, 9100, 2510 and others. Product used in conjunction with P/N... more info

FL14896 Geneva Wheel

Fleck FL14896 Geneva Wheel Gear. Used in Fleck 9000, 9100 & 9500 Drive Assemblies Used for Fleck Twinflo Powerhead Assembly. more info

FL15134 Drive Gear, Lower

FL15134 Drive Gear, Lower Can be use on Fleck 9000/9100/9500 Power Head Assembly. more info

FL15135 Drive Gear, Middle

FL15135 Drive Gear, Middle Used on the Fleck 9000, 9100 & 9500 Valves. Always check the condition of this middle drive gear, as it may be the reason... more info

FL18738 Drive Motor, 120v/60hz, 1 RPM (Mechanical Valve Only)

FL18738 Drive Motor, 120v/60hz, 1 RPM (Mechanical Valve Only) Drive Motor (FL18738 or FL61633-01), used on Fleck 9000,9100 & 9500 twin tank valves to... more info