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General Specs

General System Specifications

Water Filtration Equipment

Iron, tastes and odors, hydrogen sulfide (sulphur), manganese, acid water conditions as well as other culprits all contribute to water quality problems.

As a custom-assembler of water filtration equipment, we can offer an almost unlimited variety of equipment. Com bine the water filtration equipment found on the following pages with one of our filtration media for reliable, cost-effective means of treating problem water.

Due to the many variations of units available, we have only listed the most popular.

Commercial/Industrial equipment for higher flow rates, multiple tank systems and more are also available. Simply give us a call for a quote on a custom filtration system.

Since most of our units, regardless of the valve selected, are similar in tank size, mineral quantity and flow rates. The chart below can be used in selecting the proper unit for your job.



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