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Feed Pump Accessories


Feed Pump Accessories

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Inline Mixer

For complete mixing, include a static mixer. These are inline tubes with baffles that cause a high degree of mixing. In a static mixer, turbulence disrupts the water stream exposing a much greater surface area. Because to “mixed” surface area is much greater, chemical reactions are much faster and, in many cases, nearly instantaneous.

1" Inline Mixer


Chemical Solution Tanks




Pulsafeeder Integrated Tank System

The ITS System is a completely integrated tank system constructed of high density UV resistant polyethylene(PE) with a 15-gallon capacity. This tank system is translucent with five-gallon increments and the tank's low level indicator allows visual monitoring of chemicals without opening the tank. The system consists of a chemical tank with lid and bulkhead fittings, a liquid level indicator float assembly and feeder mounting hardware.




Wall Mount Bracket

The wall mount bracket allows a pump to be mounted on a wall or other vertical support for applications where it is neccessary to have the pump mounted above a tank or drum. Mounting hardware included.




Stainless Steel Tank Stands w/Pump Shelf




Bulkhead Fitting

Connects through the sidewall of solution tanks.




Anti-Siphon Valve

For use where siphoning or suction at the discharge point may occur. Replaces valve housing 244P on discharge side of pump head on series 100 and 200.




Totally Enclosed Mixers (Other Types Available)




Chem-Tech Current Interrupters

Designed for use with series 100, 100D, 150, 200 and 250 pumps. Recommended when very low outputs are required. Allows metering pump to be set at full stroke, maintaining the best possible priming characteristics and the output is then controlled through the interrupters percentage dial.




Control Mate Proportional Adapter

Control Mate is an electronic interface which provides near-proportional control. When triggered by a contact water meter, the Control Mate signals the feed pump to run for an adjustable amount of time -.6 to 60 seconds- thereby establishing a precise ratio.




Time Mate Percentage Timer

Time-Mate is a ten-minute solid-state percentage timer used to interrupt the normal run time of a chemical feed pump and allow fractional control of the actual feed rate. Separate controls for “on” time and “off” time - each ranging from 6 seconds to 9 minutes 54 seconds - make it possible to set very precise feed rates.




E-7 Day Mate

E - 7 Mate is a 24-hour timer with 15-minute on/off intervals.




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