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Magnum IT Filters


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Autotrol Magnum IT Filters


Autotrol Magnum IT Automatic Iron
Filters w/Media
Features include Autotrol Magnum IT with 962 Controller, composite tanks, commercial distributors, Manganese GreensandPlus, gravel bed and commercial potassium solution tank.


Autotrol Magnum IT Auto. Backwash Only Filters
(Less Filter Media)

Features include Autotrol Magnum IT Valve with 962 Controller, composite tanks, commercial distributors and gravel bed.



Product Features

• Camshaft-driven pilot flapper valves control the diaphragm cartridges. All pilot lines are in the injection-molded valve body, so there is no pilot tubing to connect or leak.

• An optional pressure regulator maintains regeneration pressure for countercurrent or co-current systems subject to major pressure fluctuations.

• A pilot filter screen keeps the pilot ports and lines free of debris.

• Cartridge-style brine refill flow control and eductor assemblies make servicing, changing out or cleaning a breeze.

• Superior flow rate and pressure drop performance are provided by the unique face seal diaphragm valve cartridge assemblies, manifold design, and full flow path characteristics.

• Hard water bypass is available factory installed or as an easy field upgrade. A single cartridge provides the no hard water bypass function.

• A variety of pipe adapters makes it easy to connect to the system.

• The high-flow, injection-molded Noryl* body is tough but light, for easy handling and installation.




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