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Float Switches & Valves


Float Valves, Float Switches

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Mechanical Float Valve

These float valves are completely mechanical and require no electrical power or wiring. Mechanical linkage of float and valve assures positive on-off action. When liquid levels drop, the float drops and activates the tank fill. When levels rise, the float rises and turns off the fill. These valves are fitted with an adjustable arm and are bulkhead mountable both horizontally and vertically. Inlet size is 3/8" tubing with a free flow outlet, a .093 orifice and stainless steel hardware. Estimated flow rate is 1.5 GPM at 40 PSI and have been tested to 100 PSI+. Valve comes complete with jam nut, sealing washer and float attached.



SJ Electro Pumpmaster SPDT Float Switch

The SJE Pump Master SPDT pump/control switch can be wired to work in either pump down (normally open) or pump up (normally closed) applications. This switch is not sensitive to rotation or turbulence. Features a two year limited warranty. Controls pumps up to 1/2 hp at 120v and 1 hp at 230v. Cord length is 20 feet and is available in a pipe clamp style or cable weight.




Level Float Switch

Features a strong Alnico bar magnet hermetically-sealed inside so no other wetted material can contaminate liquid or be attacked by a corrosive liquid. Special molded thread helps when metal to plastic installations are used. Unique assembly procedure eliminates stress by actually suspending the reed switch allowing for thermal expansion and contraction. Round pivot pins add bearing surface for smooth operation and due to design clearances, squeeze out the liquid from either side during operation to help eliminate build-up. Lead Wires – 24" long. Operating Pressure – 150 PSIG Max. Operating Temperature – -40° F. to 225° F.




Square-D Pumptrol Pressure Switch

This corrosion resistant pressure switch features a 1/4" FIPT plastic connection and an on/off preset of 20/40. This standard water pump switch is suitable for all types of pumps: jets, submersibles, RO boosters, etc. Maximum horsepower rating is 1-1/2 hp for 115v and 2 hp for 230v. Adjustable to 65 psi maximum.



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210-005 HIT Products 200 Series Solenoid Valve, 1" Slip, 110V

210-005 HIT Products 200 Series Solenoid Valve, 1" Slip, 110V Product Details • Inlet/Outlet Size: 1" Slip x 1" Slip • Voltage: 110VAC •... more info

YCD1120-NBE-110 NC Solenoid Valve, Brass, 3/4, 110v

YCD1120-NBE-110 NC Solenoid Valve, Brass, 3/4, 110v Normally Closed. more info