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Nelsen Corporation QM-50 Premier RO Systems


Nelsen Corporation QM-50 Premier RO Systems

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RO Tank is sold separately.




Quick Twist disposable sediment and carbon modules for QM-50 RO Systems.



Nelsen QM-50 5-Stage RO Systems

While the elegant, yet simple, design compliments any décor, the aesthetic qualities are only the beginning. Exclusive to Nelsen Corporation, we designed this premier 5-Stage, 50 gpd RO system as a highly efficient, easily maintained addition to every home. All tubing connections are made at one end of the RO which allows the unit to easily be moved in, out and around the under side of the sink area. This ease of movement also allows for easy access to service and maintain the RO system.

Stages one, two and three of the system feature a “Quick Twist” cartridge design. The cartridges incorporate a “bayonet” feature to simplify regular maintenance. A quick counter clockwise 1/4 turn and the sediment and carbon cartidges are removed, a 1/4 clockwise turn and the replacement cartridges are installed.

The RO system also incorporates an intuitive LED sensor that displays the current state of water purification, alerts you when an error has occurred, and even indicates the presence of a leak for ultimate peace of mind. When a leak is detected a solenoid valve shuts off the water supply to the unit to prevent widescale flooding.

Available also with a booster pump for very low pressure areas (below 30 psi is considered very low pressure), like in some well water homes or overseas applications, where a standard RO system would not function.

Included in the system - R.O. System, R.O. Membrane, Feed Water Saddle Valve, Optional Faucet Mounting Bracket, Drain Line Saddle Assembly, On-Off Ball Valve, EZ Connect Faucet Adapter, Polyethylene Tubing (Red, Black, Blue, & White), and Faucet Assembly. Requires a 110 volt electrical outlet. Dimensions: 16-3/4" L x 7-5/8" W x 16-1/2" H.


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