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Autotrol 255 Series Valve


Autotrol 255 Series Valves


Autotrol 255 Softener Control Less Cover and Manifold

The 255 valve's direct-acting system operates independently of water pressure, pistons or
diaphragms. These controls include rugged Noryl valve bodies with easy access valve discs that are held closed by water pressure. The injector, injector screen, backwash and brine controls are also easily accessible. A simple locking bar makes removal from the mineral tank effortless. The 440i and 940 timers are dependable and easy to set. A six-day clock is standard on the 440i timer. A 12-day clock is standard on the 940 timer. Includes a Sight Glass Air Check.




Autotrol 255/460i Electronic Demand Control L/Manifold

Designed to monitor water usage and regenerate at just the right time to maximize efficiency while minimizing salt and water consumption. The Autotrol’s 460i Electronic Demand Control is the “intelligent” water conditioning choice. The 255 Valve features a rugged, robust, re-engineered design that uses less water, runs quieter and lasts longer. A good system paired with the 460i Control provides conditioning efficiency that automatically adjusts to water demands and ensures continuous conditioned water with substantial savings on both salt and water. Includes a Sight Glass Air Check, Turbine meter, Long Rinse Cam and is CSA Approved. Less cover, (uses ATI-LID).




Autotrol Performa 268 Softener Control Less Tube Adapters

Designed for large residential and light commercial flow rates and applications, the five-cycle Performa control valve features a service flow rate up to 25 gpm, timer or demand controlled, and adjustable salt-dial. Handles up to 14" tanks. The controls do not include nuts, gasket and adapters. Covers are not included with the 440 and 460 timer controls.






25740-H00-LOG (740 Time Clock) - Autotrol 255 Valves with Logix Controllers

25740-H00-LOG (740 Time Clock) - Autotrol 255 Valves with Logix Controllers more info

AT1040769 Bypass Assembly, 155/255

AT1040769 Bypass Assembly, 155/255. Also referred to as the 256 Bypass. more info