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In observation of Independence Day, we will be closed July 4th and 5th.

UV Pure Ultraviolet Drinking Water Systems


UV Pure Ultraviolet Drinking Water Systems


UV Pure Ultraviolet Drinking Water Systems

Which Hallett™ is Right for You? - Regardless of your application selecting the right water purification solution to ensure safety is a critical decision. And it involves more than just deciding who has the best list of system features and functions. To be absolutely certain of water safety, the solution must also exceed accepted industry standards.

UV Pure Technologies has a system that is just right for you.

Hallett™ 15xs – The Hallett™ 15xs is the world’s only NSF/ANSI Class A certified UV purification device with patented Crossfire Technology.

Hallett™ 30 – for Community and Commercial applications, the Hallett™ 30 represents a new generation in UV water treatment systems. It is the world’s only UV water purification device with patented Crossfire Technology™. UV Pure’s Hallett™ 30 systems are designed for communities of less than 5,000 households as well as commercial sites such as resorts, golf clubs, schools, hospitals and children’s camps.

Crossfire Technology Provides the Most Effective UV Treatment - Crossfire Technology incorporates TWO proprietary high-output UV lamps, with elliptical reflectors, that target pathogens with radiation from 360° resulting in the highest UV dose possible (65 mJ/cm) to deactivate pathogens and provide safe drinking water always.

Crossfire Technology uses dual smart UV sensors mounted in air, which cannot foul and are more reliable indicators of system performance. Lamps are air-cooled and maintain consistent levels of UV output for maximum pathogen deactivation. Computerized alarms, and an auto shut-off fail-safe valve are on board so you know only safe water can enter your water system.

Crossfire Technology is Self-Cleaning - Crossfire Technology uses a stainless steel wiper to clean the inside of the quartz tube eliminating quartz fouling and the need for a water softener making abrasive quartz cleaning a thing of the past — saving money and the environment.

Crossfire Technology is Virtually Maintenance Free - Crossfire technology utilizes two lamps mounted in air, outside the quartz tube so maintaining a Hallett is as easy as changing a light bulb with no system draining required.




UV Pure Upstream Ultraviolet

This series of water purification units, with flow capacities ranging from 10 to 30 gpm, are built with the same core technology found in their Hallett™ systems. In addition to some evolutionary design features, all Upstreams ship with a remote monitor that can be placed up to 1000 feet from the unit. As in the Hallett series, all Upstream units are self-cleaning, with easy bulb changes and on-board smart technology. All Upstreams are laboratory validated to 40 mJ/cms, measured at end of lamp life, meaning they perform to the same standards as the Hallett series of NSF/ANSI 55 Class A certified systems. Upstreams are priced competitively for the non-regulated markets making it the most technologically advanced product in this segment of the water purification market.