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Duke Aerator and Air Pump


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Duke Aerator and Air Pump


The Duke Aerator

Aerators will reduce/remove unwanted odors, gasses, and VOC's from your water supply. The Durke aerator also reduces water borne radon which can be found in some water supplies. In conjunction with other radon reduction methods, aerators can be an effective alternative.

The Duke aerator works on a simple process of spraying water through nozzles in a fine jet mist. As the water is spraying, it will naturally release the gas or odor. The gas is then vented to the outside using the assistance of a vent blower on indoor models, or naturally released to the atmosphere when using an outdoor aeration system.

Aerators are a non-chemical alternative for reduction or removal of unwanted gasses or odors. The Duke Aerator tank is atmospheric and requires a pump and pressure tank to provide water pressure to the house or building.

Included in each package are aerator tank, spray bar, solenoid valve with 100v float switch for solenoid valve, 230v safety float switch for aerator pump and 115 volt vent blower, drain pipe with ball valve and installation instructions. DUKE-AERO1 -- 180 gal -- 37.5" x 27.5" x 68" /oval with vent.

Choose a submersible pump, pressure tank, 0-100 psi pressure gauge and pressure switch from our "Water Systems" section.





The “Air Pump” simplifies sulfur and iron removal by eliminating troublesome venturis and pressure or flow reductions. Easily wires into an existing pressure switch.




Air Pump Installation Kit

Kits include a pressure gauge, poly tubing, air regulator valve, mounting shelf and stainless check valve



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