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Fleck 9000

The Fleck 9000 Dual Tank Water Softener System. This design insures that your flow of conditioned water will not be interrupted while the system is regenerating. Once the meter controlled valve initiates the backwashing of one tank, it switches supply water to the other. Super efficient and economical.

The Fleck 9000 twin tank water softener system features a fully adjustable 5-cycle valve which delivers controlled uplow backwash, downflow brining, slow rinse, rapid rinse, timed brine refill and downflow service.

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Control Valves
Power Head Assembly
Electro Mechanical
Timer assembly
Meter Module
Second Tank Assembly
1" Meter Assembly
Bypass Valve Assembly
Plastic Bypass Valve Assembly
2310 Safety Brine Valve
2350 Safety Brine Valve
Meter Assembly
1 1/2
Turbine Assembly

932946 Hydrant repair part model number G-70 Brass Plunger Body

932946 Hydrant repair part model number G-70 Brass Plunger Body more info

FL12095 Flow Washer, 0.5 gpm

FL12095 Flow Washer, 0.5 gpm Size Indicator: "50" more info

FL15078-01 Adapter Coupling, 1"

FL15078-01 Adapter Coupling, 1" Includes O-Rings. Used on Fleck 9000 valve to connect Tank Yoke to Second Tank more info

FL15216 Meter Cable Assy, 15.25"

FL15216 Meter Cable Assy, 15.25" Used on Fleck 9000, 9100, 9500 Power Head Assembly. more info

FL15314 Micro Switch, Timer

Fleck FL15314 Micro Switch Used on the Fleck 3200 & 3210 Timer Assemblies Can be used on Fleck 9000/9100/9500 Timer Assembly. more info