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ProFlo/TwinFlo 100


The Fleck ProFlo SXT features a fully adjustable, 5 cycle control delivering upflow backwash, downflow brining, slow rinse,rapid rinse, brine refill and downflow service, easy programming options increase efficiency, saves salt and water, Strong, durable valve body, with a weather - resistant enclosure. Available indemand regeneration or time clock versions with capabilities of regenarating uo to 16 inch diameter softeners and filter. Timed brine refill with soft water. Super capacitor for keeping time of day during power outage.


The TwinFlo 100 uses 100% capacity of the tank in service before switching to the second tank, saving salt and water. Before the stand-by- tank comes on line in service the control valve rinses away hardness reversion and stagnant water. The TwinFlo 100 regenerates with soft water, keeping the system clean for optimum operating sfficiency and minimum maintenance; it also regenerates immediately when needed for continuous soft water 24 hours a day. The system delivers continuous soft water through meter-initiated regeneration. A super capacitor for keeping time during power outage.
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