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Water Treatment Products

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BWI Chlorine, Iodine Crystals, Mineral Extractors and Funnels

Better Water Industries Chlorine

NOTE: When ordering for UPS delivery, UPS Hazardous charges apply. ONLY FULL CASE QUANTITIES OF CAN BE SHIPPED VIA UPS.

Chlorine Pellets from Better Water Industries are listed NSF Standard 60 and are USDA Food Grade. These one gram, 3/8" pellets are designed to work in dry pellet chlorinators including the Sentry, Land-O-Matic and Sentry Open Air Systems. Not for use in the WellPro Chlorinator (Use BWC-3.5).



Res-Up Feeder

Res-Up feeder is a adjustable feeder which meters the proper amount of Res-Up Cleaner each time the resin bed is egenerated. The Res-Up Feeder can be programmed for the size of the resin bed and the amount of iron and impurities in the raw water.

Res-Up Cleaner

This cleaning system is especially helpful for softeners on well water with iron being a major concern. Clean resins, mean cleaner water

The Mineral Extractor

The Mineral Extractor offers an inexpensive way to remove the expelled bed of any size or height tank without removing the tank. It works with water pressure, not suction. It will work on any and all types of beds and will even remove the gravel bed if necessary.

For use on all tanks with 2-1/2" x 8 NPSM tank threads.


For use on all tanks with 4" x 8 NPSM tank threads.

For use on all tanks with 4" x 8 NPSM tank threads. Allows you to leave the distributor in place when extracting media.

Funnels F250

Funnels F400

Iodine Crystals

The EPA advises that iodine disinfection is acceptable for short-term or emergency use, but that it is not recommended for long-term or routine drinking water supply application.
This recommendation is based, in part, on the National Academy of Science report that states a number of instances where continuous iodine intakes of as little as 0.5 milligrams per day might have resulted in hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis, or increased rates of thyroid carcinomas.

A common method of feeding iodine is the diffusion feed technique. In this method, a portion of the water is diverted to pass through a vessel containing iodine crystals. This small bypass dissolves a portion of the iodine, and returns to the main flow, adding a dilute but calculated amount of iodine.


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